Meet Mindy Founder & Visionary of Essential Ninja

Mindy is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with 10-years of experience. She combines massage therapy techniques with aromatherapy and targeted essential oil application to bring about healing, recovery and rejuvenation in a profoundly unique and effective way.

Mindy is also a network marketing leader and mentor with a proven track record of success in a highly competitive industry. She is a sought after speaker/presenter who was featured at the 2017 Wellness Summit in Bellevue, WA and will be hosting the 2018 Wellness Summit in Boise, ID this April.

Mindy is a skilled Neuromuscular Therapist who has successfully combined massage therapy modalities with aromatherapy and targeted essential oils application to bring about enhanced healing, accelerated recovery and rejuvenation at a cellular level. If you are a wellness practitioner that would like to learn how to integrate essential oils into your own practice or you simply want to experience the profound healing aspects of essential oils for yourself, contact Mindy to learn how.

About Essential Ninja

Andrew and Mindy Rowser are two successful corporate America drop-outs searching for a better way to live. Out of disillusionment with the current state of health and nutrition in the U.S., Essential Ninja was born. The purpose of this site is to share health and wellness; what works and what doesn’t.

Essential Ninja is Mindy’s brain child, bearing the nickname “Little Ninja” she acquired during her massage therapist days. Her holistic backgroundincludes Neuromusculartherapy, aromatherapy and business coaching (to name just a few). Andrew, a former research scientist and engineer, has had a fascination with health and wellness since he was a teenager (a very long time ago) and loves writing about new discoveries and rediscovered traditions.

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