Join Us For Essential Oil Education

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Learning about essential oils is generally best in a live class environment where the oils can be experienced first-hand. However, if you can’t seem to make it to a live class, the next best thing is our Tuesday Night Hangouts! Facebook events. Every Tuesday night at 7:00PM Mountain Time you can join us for essential oil education with videos, recipes, engaging discussion, DOOR PRIZES and more!

Many have found the best way to engage in this online essential oil experience is to have your oils in front of you during the event as you participate. If you are new to oils and don’t yet have your own, I would love to send you some samples to work with during the event. Simply fill out the Sample Request Form below and I will get them into your hands ASAP.
**Only applies to those not already enrolled with doTERRA**

Mindy Rowser, LMT Wellness Practitioner/Educator

Mindy is a skilled therapeutic massage practitioner who has successfully combined massage therapy modalities with aromatherapy and targeted essential oils application to bring about enhanced healing, accelerated recovery and rejuvenation at a cellular level. If you are a wellness practitioner who would like to learn how to integrate essential oils into your own practice or you simply want to experience the profound healing aspects of essential oils for yourself, contact Mindy to learn how.