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Essential Oils for Sleep: Another Oil Testimonial

If you’ve ever visited our Oil Testimonials page you’d know that our customers love to share their experiences of relief from so many health issues. This week one of our customers wanted to share her family’s personal case study with us, one that involves sleep and doTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique Kit. First, let’s introduce Ms E […]

Watch: Date Night, Diarrhea & DigestZen

Date Night, Diarrhea & DigestZen

Today we’re talking about doTERRA’s DigestZen essential oil blend. DigestZen really is the perfect name – especially for those of us who have digestive issues. And who doesn’t? All disease starts in the gut – have your heard that saying? Take care of your gut and it will take care of you… First of all, […]

What does Clove Essential Oil have to do with Sex? Autophagy - that's what.

Clove Essential Oil, Autophagy and Sex – Oh My!

But first let’s talk about clove essential oil. (Don’t worry, we WILL talk about Sex and there IS a connection, I swear!) Clove is 95% Eugenol… (What’s Eugenol?) It’s a chemical aromatic compound that makes clove clove as opposed to what makes lavender lavender. It’s not AS important to remember the name as it is […]