Clove Essential Oil, Autophagy and Sex – Oh My!

But first let’s talk about clove essential oil. (Don’t worry, we WILL talk about Sex and there IS a connection, I swear!) Clove is 95% Eugenol… (What’s Eugenol?) It’s a chemical aromatic compound that makes clove clove as opposed to what makes lavender lavender.

What does Clove Essential Oil have to do with Sex? Autophagy - that's what.

It’s not AS important to remember the name as it is to understand WHY it’s important. Eugenol activates a bunch of biological pathways and when something is 95% anything – we gotta know what does that mean?!

What is a biological pathway?

A biological pathway is a series of actions among molecules in a cell that leads to a certain product or a change in the cell. Pathways can trigger the assembly of new molecules, such as fats or proteins and they can also turn genes on and off, or get a cell to move. These biological cascade of events happen when the body is exposed to something GOOD or BAD. We also know that all biological pathways can be corrupted at one or more parts of that series of events. When that happens, we hear medical professionals talk about disease, chronic ailments and the like. It’s a big deal and why we have a TRILLION DOLLAR HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY.

As an example, let’s talk about inflammation as a healthy pathway. When you slice open your finger, what are the chain of events that are apparent? There is pain, there are signals to clot that blood at the site of incision, we see it swell and get red with inflammation right? Great! We want our body to do all of those things.
However, those biological pathways that direct our immune system can sometimes get corrupted, can’t they? Something goes wrong, and they overreact, or they don’t turn off… That’s the basis of the massive epidemic we’re seeing with autoimmune diseases…

But did you also know that biological pathways can be CORRECTED during this chain of events? *Ding-ding-ding*
This is why I’ve invited you into this conversation about Sex… Sex, clove and later we’ll talk about doTERRA’s DigestZen essential oil blend. Trust me, it’s all related. :)
We’re going to talk about supporting your body in natural ways and then you might want to grab your partner because I promise to relate some very important information that relates to sex, sperm, fertility and hormones.

New Word: Autophagy

Many of you that follow us at Essential Ninja have heard us talk about “apoptosis” – the natural death cycle of healthy cells. We talk about it in our DDR Prime video. Today I want to introduce the word “autophagy”.
Autophagy is when unnecessary or dysfunctional components of your cells get degradation and recycled. Basically, things that have gone bad at the cellular level get packaged and fixed. How awesome is that? Super interesting – Super awesome – but Super Sexy? Hmmm…

Autophagy is a form of cellular self-cannibalism. In humans, dysfunction in autophagy is linked to most of the major ailments of the developed world, including, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
So here’s a Sexy fact: Clove/eugenol is very effective at supporting cell proliferation and healthy cell function. This ties into normal sperm production and protective properties of our coveted eggs and other, more DNA-critical cells. Clove is also effective at supporting hormonal health by activating genes that transform cholesterol into healthy hormones!!!!. Healthy, normally functioning hormones contribute to optimal sexual health. Last but not least, clove is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities when used internally and aromatically… (I’d say topically but then I’d get that one follower who starts crying about how I told them to use clove essential oil topically during sex and now everything is numb and I ruined their life – I’ll just wait for the comments about how amazing it is when used properly diluted and comment, “I know right?!” But just to be clear, I did not say to put clove essential oil on your private parts!)

We’re all predisposed to different things in different ways. I want you to leave our little conversation today knowing that clove essential oil is an optimal choice in supporting your body to not only be REACTIVE but PROACTIVE as well, to support everything down to your LIVER. And here’s where I hope your partner is watching this with you – If your fall back marital aid involves a trip to the liquor store, you owe it to yourself – NOPE, NOPE – you owe it to your LIVER to have clove essential oil in your tool bag. Use clove on a regular basis! We’ll discuss your poor liver on another video.

Next week we continue the conversation with doTERRA’s DigestZen essential oil blend… :)