Date Night, Diarrhea & DigestZen

Today we’re talking about doTERRA’s DigestZen essential oil blend. DigestZen really is the perfect name – especially for those of us who have digestive issues. And who doesn’t? All disease starts in the gut – have your heard that saying? Take care of your gut and it will take care of you…

First of all, DigestZen is a blend of 7 different essential oils to support a healthy digestive tract: ginger, peppermint, caraway, coriander, anise, tarragon, and fennel.

This combination of oils contributes to the licorice-like flavor of this blend. DigestZen comes in a few different forms but if you’ve ever had a negative experience with Ouzo or Absynth – maybe during college, I’m not judging – you’re going to prefer the softgels. These are perfect for those who want ease of use or don’t have fond memories of licorice flavors/smells.

So, let’s highlight Anise. This herb has been well documented, since the 1500’s, prescribed for farts, diarrhea, upset stomach, and menstrual cramps! Many people tell me DigestZen works instantly and like magic! And sometimes I say, “I know, like magic right?!” Because that’s all they want is for it to work and they don’t care why – but I care about why. So for all those nerdy, I mean trendy mom’s like me who want to know the most effective way to stop unwanted liquid from coming out of all ends of my kids or myself… here is why digestzen works so well.

HOW does DigestZen work?

Anise in particular helps relax smooth muscle, which is the main type of muscle tissue in your digestive system and in your stomach. Blood vessels and respiratory muscles are made from smooth muscle tissue. Reproductive tracts and the pelvic floor are also smooth muscle, which lets me segue this discussion to sexual function…

Did you think I was going to tie digestive issues into sexual health? I am! It has amazing effects on the reproductive tract. One way being relaxing the pelvic floor, which is great for both men and women.

You can and should be proactive with your gut health and regularly use digestzen. Carry it in your purse, keep it in your car, keep it next to the bed. This is something you can use every day. What is one way to ruin a nice evening out after you’ve just spent 100 on dinner? I’ll tell you what – indulging too much of things you don’t normally indulge in. If you’re having a nice date, maybe eating out, rich foods, drinks, make sure you use it before during and/or after.

DigestZen also has aphrodisiac-like qualities. Pretty much anything that stimulates relaxation or increased blood flow to the genitalia is going to go into that category. Just to be clear, I did not say rub DigestZen on your personal parts. Use as directed. Read your bottle and your book. You will see that it says use topically over your tummy and internally with a glass of water. BUT traditionally Anise was added to wedding cakes to stimulate vigor on the wedding night. I’m just saying…

Let’s talk about aromatic use. Because I want to get you thinking. If this blend relaxes smooth muscle tissue and we know we have smooth muscle tissue in our respiratory tract, Shouldn’t this oil be used aromatically? Yes! Rub it in your hands or put it in your diffuser.

Because of the ginger in this blend (#1 ingredient by the way) wouldn’t this be a great blend for those car rides or littles who get car sick? You bet your boppy it would. Prego mommies – this is a really good choice for morning sickness!

I love blends because they give us so many more options in just one bottle. Essential oils are adaptogens, you’ve heard me say that before. With a blend of 7 oils, you’re giving so many different body systems the tools to do their job and do it well. With regular and consistent use, you will definitely see a difference. Remember the way essential oils work is that they go to the root of the problem and don’t just address the symptoms. If you’ve had digestive issues for some time, it is also going to take some time to address them.

So there are 3 convenient ways you can get this product: in oil form, softgels, and tablets.

If you need help figuring out which one is right for you and I’m your person – ask me!!! I’m always here to help – or get with the person who introduced you to DigestZen!