Use Essential Oils For A Week – For FREE

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We’ve taken our wildly popular online (Facebook) essential oils program and created an email-based version of it for you to spend a week learning about and using essential oils – for FREE.

Learning about essential oils is generally best in a live class environment where the oils can be experienced first-hand. However, if you can’t seem to make it to a live class, the next best thing is our spOIL & surPRIZE Week!

spOIL & surPRIZE is essential oil education with videos, recipes, engaging discussion, PRIZES and more! We want people to understand how useful essential oils are on a daily basis so we put together this week-long series that begins when you receive your package of samples in the mail and initiate the email series. Each day you will receive an email from Essential Ninja discussing the sample of the day, demonstrating how to use it and why you would want to with videos, recipes and a little bit of science mixed in.

Try for FREE by filling out the form below – it takes less than a minute to begin the fun. :)

**Only applies to those not already enrolled with doTERRA**

Mindy Rowser, LMT Wellness Practitioner/Educator

Mindy is a skilled therapeutic massage practitioner who has successfully combined massage therapy modalities with aromatherapy and targeted essential oils application to bring about enhanced healing, accelerated recovery and rejuvenation at a cellular level. If you are a wellness practitioner who would like to learn how to integrate essential oils into your own practice or you simply want to experience the profound healing aspects of essential oils for yourself, contact Mindy to learn how.