Frankincense: My Testimonial

Frankincense is known as the ‘King of essential oils‘ AND the ‘essential oil of kings’ for very good reasons. From skin issues to your brain. Frankincense has had such an impact on my life that we’ve dedicated an entire page to all things Frankincense, including a series of videos focusing on different aspects of Frankincense oil. We will continue to add to it so check back regularly for more good stuff. :)

In this video, which is a part of our Frankincense videos series, I wanted to give you my personal oil testimonial as to why Frankincense essential oil in particular has been such a gift to me and my family. From cancer to the trajectory of my life, Frankincense has had a profound effect on me and my loved ones.

Frankincense was the impetus for my essential oil journey but there is a whole universe of essential oils that any one of (or more) could make a profound impression on your life. If you’ve visited our Oil Testimonials page, you know that many other essential oils have been important gifts to so many of our customers.

As always, we would love to know your thoughts on this video!