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Patrick on Day one with Essential Oil Healing
Patrick on Day Six with Essential Oil Healing


Meet Patrick. Avid cyclist and essential oil enthusiast, Patrick experienced an unfortunate 8-foot drop into a rock wall. Want to know what his wife Julie did for his miraculous recovery? Ask and you shall receive

These pictures were taken over a 6-day period, starting on Saturday and ending on the following Thursday.

Essential Oils for Sleep: Another Oil Testimonial

Read about this amazing case study by one of our customers demonstrating the effectiveness of the AromaTouch Technique for better sleep.

AromaTouch Technique Testimonial: Case study notes Page-1 - Application of essential oils for sleep using the AromaTouch Technique.
AromaTouch Technique Testimonial Notes Page-2: Case study - essential oils for sleep using the AromaTouch Technique

Another amazing, real-world result – read about this
Fat, Old Guy’s 90-Day Transformation

Did you know essential oils are weight loss supplements?


What others are saying!

You had suggested taking DigestZen Softgels, to see if my bloody rash of many weeks would clear up. Telling me that maybe taking it internally and it entering the soft tissue would be better for me. I did this and the rash was completely gone in three days! This was like 2 months of rash to 3 days completely to healed! Sara R.
Preschool Teacher - Washington State
Essential Oils Testimonial - Sara R.
I started using essential oils over 10 years ago to make different bath/beauty products and also in my massage practice. Then about 6 months ago I had a friend invite me to a doTERRA party to learn about their products. I had a few friends that already used doTERRA products and loved them so I was very excited to see what they had to offer. After smelling one bottle of Peppermint I knew that all of the oils I had used those past 10 years were not even comparable to what I had in my hand at that moment. Then I smelled a few other oils and it scared me how huge of a difference there was between the oils I had always used compared to the oils I was now experiencing. I ended up ordering a Natural Solutions Kit and felt like that was just the beginning of a very great thing.

And man was I right! I can truthfully say that ordering that kit changed my life. It opened a door to this amazing team called Essential Ninja, where I have come across some incredible people and resources. It feels like one big, happy, crazy family of world changers! I feel so blessed to be able to share doTERRA with the world and help people reduce their toxic load while exploring safe and natural solutions to promote overall wellness. Kim H.
Medical Massage Practitioner/Entrepreneur - Scappoose, Oregon
Clary Calm is noticeably effective in balancing my moods and hot flashes that come with being in my mid 40's!

Mindy Rowser is a fearless leader who invests herself 100% in her leaders in order to get them the training they need!

I know that I can trust the information that I get from Essential Ninja because both Mindy and Andrew are full of integrity and take the time to research topics for us. Pam V.
Maple Valley, Washington
I facilitate specialized experiential wellness workshops and partnering with Mindy and essential oils have taken my business to a whole new level. Liza P.
M.A., Wellness Inventory Coach & Registered Yoga Alliance (RYA) Teacher Miami, FL
I facilitate specialized experiential wellness workshops and partnering with Mindy and essential oils have taken my business to a whole new level.
I used to take ibuprofen and Excedrin Migraine several times a week. I thought this was normal and harmless. I learned pretty quickly this was not the case after a co-worker noticed how frequently I was reaching for pain relievers. I did some research on whether I should be concerned and, sure enough, I found a plethora of literature siting the havoc synthetic pain relievers wreak on your system. Shortly after this revelation I was introduced to Deep Blue Polyphenols. This product has, quite simply, made my head tension and muscle aches so much more manageable!! I have only had 3 unbearable headaches/migraines, in the last year, where I did end up using plain aspirin. This has been a game changer for me. And I think my gut health has improved as well!

Note: I showed my Naturopath my bottle of Deep Blue and she commented "This looks like a really great product. Keep using it." :) Ruth K.
Port Angeles, Washington
I have been in numerous car accidents being on the road as a Pharmaceutical rep for over 15 years. Not only are Mindy's treatment sessions very effective but also her relaxation massage is the best I've ever had. That little Ninja knows her stuff! Megan H.
Pharmaceutical Rep Denver, CO
So much information... answers so many questions! Thank you! Kandiss L.
Nampa, Idaho
One of my other favorites is that he (Patrick) did not take any pain killers after his sinus surgery or his bike accident. We put two drops if each Frankincense, Marjoram, and Oregano into a veggie cap, and he took one four times a day. His discomfort was totally under control, without the negative side effects of narcotics. They make him drowsy, and super itchy. Now, we just use our oils! Julie M.
Port Angeles, Washington

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