Women Empowering Women: Interview with Natalie White of To The Core Fitness

Here at Essential Ninja it’s pretty obvious we run a women-centric wellness business. We “talk the talk” and “walk the walk”.

When women want a healthier life balance, a more natural path for their family, a way to feel better in their bodies – I’m ready to work out a plan! I’m committed to sticking with it and figuring out what essential oils, what routine, what works for you and your family.

As a massage therapist, I incorporate everything I know from massage training and plant based medicine education to help you feel great, sleep better and stress less.

And when I find someone who is doing the same in a very synergistic way – I want you to know about her. I truly believe together we rise and we need a tribe to not only kick ass but to have fun doing it! This video segment of Women Empowering Women is dedicated to Natalie White, Founder of To The Core Fitness.

A behind the scenes look at filming our video series with Natalie White of To The Core Fitness. Women Empowering Women with Essential Ninja and To The Core Fitness.

Natalie is a trainer who gets how hard it is to be a mom, show up for everyone and still have energy to work towards your personal goals. Many of my massage clients have been raving about the results they are getting online and in person with TTC Fitness. If this next year is a year where you want to make some changes…, then we are here for you. Watch this video clip: Natalie and I are going to help motivate you to start the best version of you from the inside out this year!

Stay tuned for more of our video series on stretching with Natalie White and our Women Empowering Women initiative in 2020!

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