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Essential oil wellness advocate & educator

Essential oils have been used for centuries in many cultures for their therapeutic qualities and have profound health benefits in the hands of experienced users. Single oils and even complex blends are effectively used in the following three ways:

Aromatic: The volatile nature of essential oils allows them to be easily evaporated and diffused throughout a larger space. Using this application method helps create an atmosphere where several individuals can enjoy the calming, stimulating, and soothing benefits of essential oils.

Topical: Essential oils are safely and easily absorbed by the skin allowing you to use a variety of topical application techniques to different parts of your body.

Internal: Whether you are taking capsules or the oil itself, essential oils can be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions.


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Our spOIL & surPRIZE Week online events are in full swing now so it’s just too easy and too much fun to sit in and learn how to use Essential Oils. It happens every 3rd week of the month with FREE samples and daily prizes!

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As a wellness practitioner the well-being of your client is your primary concern. Your clients come to you with hope and a great amount of trust that you will help them. However, addressing their particular needs within your specialty is only part of the client’s overall experience with your practice…

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Helping people with the following conditions:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • weightloss problems

AromaTouch Certification Classes

Also providing AromaTouch Certification classes and DoTERRA centered training and functions for Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Northern California, and Florida.

Meet Mindy Rowser Licensed Massage Therapist | Essential Oil Educator

  • Mindy is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with 10-years of experience. She combines massage therapy techniques with aromatherapy and targeted essential oil application to bring about healing, recovery and rejuvenation in a profoundly unique and effective way.
  • Mindy is also a network marketing leader and mentor with a proven track record of success in a highly competitive industry. She is a sought after speaker/presenter who was featured at the 2017 Wellness Summit in Bellevue, WA and will be hosting the 2018 Wellness Summit in Boise, ID.
  • Mindy is a skilled Neuromuscular Therapist who has successfully combined massage therapy modalities with aromatherapy and targeted essential oils application to bring about enhanced healing, accelerated recovery and rejuvenation at a cellular level. If you are a wellness practitioner that would like to learn how to integrate essential oils into your own practice via our NSCT (Neuro-Somacytosys Corrective Therapy) approach or you simply want to experience the profound healing aspects of essential oils for yourself, contact Mindy to learn how.

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  • I have been in numerous car accidents being on the road as a Pharmaceutical rep for over 15 years. Not only are Mindy's treatment sessions very effective but also her relaxation massage is the best I've ever had. That little Ninja knows her stuff!Megan H. Pharmaceutical Rep
    Denver, CO
  • I facilitate specialized experiential wellness workshops and partnering with Mindy and essential oils have taken my business to a whole new level.Liza P.
    M.A., Wellness Inventory Coach & Registered Yoga Alliance (RYA) Teacher
    Miami, FL
  • So much information... answers so many questions! Thank you! So much information... answers so many questions! Thank you!Kandiss L.
    Nampa, Idaho

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